Non www site is working but www is not working

If this happens and if you ping and get ping request could not find host than you should add A record to dns zone. You will have: Record Type: A Name: www Content nameserver or ip TTL: auto

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Acces denied for windows image for hyper-v

When you can’t start machine because of the permissions(access denied for….) first you need to find out the id of the virtual machine created in hyper-v. You can do that using: Get-VM ‘Your_VM_name’ | Select-Object VMID You will get somethinf like VMId —- 9bof4bbb-9565-42a4-8b13-c4f63e5813a7 After this you need to grant access to your file(windows image… Continue reading Acces denied for windows image for hyper-v

React-native and Redux Toolkit

First of all create a new project using the following command: npx react-native init ReactReduxToolkit After the project is created, go inside the project by changing the directory using cd command: cd ReactReduxToolkit Once you are inside the project folder you need to install Redux Toolkit npm install @reduxjs/toolkit

TypeError: cli.init is not a function

If you get this error when trying to create a react native project it means that the react cli is not installed globaly. You need to unistall react-native-cli using the following command: npm uninstall -g react-native-cli After that reinstall react-native-cli and react-native globaly using the commands: npm install -g react-native-cli npm install -g react-native When… Continue reading TypeError: cli.init is not a function

Authorization header not received in php

If you are not getting the authorization header to take your bearer token or other values you should know it is happening in apache. The solution is quite simple. You need to add to your htaccess SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$0

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Cron jobs in linux

Today we will talk about cron jobs. You can run cron jobs once a day, once a week, one a month or even a few minutes. Next we will see how to install the cron job. First you have to run # crontab -e

Dates in php

Get current date in PHP | Date format parameters | How to format a certain date in php Today we will talk about dates in php language with some examples. Get current date in PHP To get the current dateĀ  you can write this code date(); If you want to format the date in a… Continue reading Dates in php